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The High-End Beds & Matresses

You have very few personal items that affect your quality of life as much as your bed.

We produce the highest quality Swiss beds & mattresses for your health and comfort.

Customized Beds

customized bed design

No matter how different bed you need of, Swiss Bedding Plus can produce it to its own superior standards.

Natural Matrasses

High-End Mattrasses

We produce our excellent mattress ranges with first class materials & Swiss class mastership.

Kosher Beds


Perfect bed and mattress designs suitable for Kosher culture and much more for you.

Our Passion

A good sleep keeps you fit & healthy. We offer you the best quality sleep experience with our beds and mattresses produced to Swiss standards. 

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Swiss Bed Art

Swiss Bedding Plus increases your quality of life with its high-end beds that support your spine and suitable for every different body type. While decorating your bedrooms with brand new trends, colors and patterns, it adds value to the decoration of your home…

Superior Quality

We only use materials and techniques we think are the best. From memory mattresses to organic handmade mattresses, we produce the best of its kind.

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